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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
April 3, 2023

You’ve probably heard that content marketing is a great tool for converting leads to sales, but you might be wondering why your strategy doesn’t seem to be yielding results. In fact, you’ve considered throwing out your whole approach and trying something new.

You’re in the right place. First, commit to sticking with content marketing. After all, a study by Clutch found that 80% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of content marketing related to that product or service.

But maybe you’re not thinking about content marketing in quite the right way. Here are five ways to think about content marketing that will help you convert those leads into customers:

As a Solution to the Problem

The best content marketing pieces don’t lecture or simply inform. They empathize, reassuring the consumer that you can identify with whatever challenge led them to your content. This is where you acknowledge that they have a problem to solve, and you have been there, too. This helps build trust in your relationship.

As a Science

Many marketers think about the creative side of content, but the most successful content marketing always starts with a foundation of solid data. This includes learning as much about your target audience as you can:

  • What they are into
  • Where they spend time online and when they are there
  • Their demographics: age, gender, job roles, hobbies and interests

As a Recycling Effort

Even if your content marketing strategy has been a flop thus far, it’s likely there are some good bones there. Maybe your topics are solid and your content is well-designed; you simply put it on the wrong social platform. Or maybe your customers are spending more time watching videos than reading content, so your library of blogs should become a library of videos. See what can be recycled into new content.

As a Musical Instrument

Use content marketing to toot your own horn. And here’s the funny thing about content marketing: nobody wants to hear you talk about how awesome you are, but they love to read reviews and testimonials. So you can toot that horn, but do it through a loyal customer and include some of their words in your social posts or in a video.

As a Window

When people think of content marketing, blogs often come to mind first. But there’s so much more to content. For instance, video marketing is a fantastic way to provide a window into your company. It helps you build an authentic view of your brand, because there’s no hiding in a video. Nobody can airbrush, Photoshop, or filter your brand and consumers tend to like that authentic experience.

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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
April 3, 2023